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Know how


The evolution of knowledge that has lasted for generations.

Since 1957, in our DNA there are natural materials such as leather, cotton, felt and wood, virtuous raw materials that guarantee the maximum benefit to the person and the best performance on the product.

A long journey has brought us here and has provided us with a valuable experience. Each shoe is handcrafted and is the result of a maniacal attention to detail. Clewoo is a project that aims at concrete choices: sustainability, beauty and comfort.

Natural raw materials

Our raw materials are carefully selected by expert craftsmen to ensure high quality workmanship.

Maniacal attention to detail

Each shoe is made by hand, following sustainable production methods.

of nature

Nature provides us with raw materials with countless characteristics, indispensable for humans today, for this reason Clewoo has decided to preserve them and make intelligent use of them. The project was born with the aim of creating a production chain that is friendly to nature, a conscious choice that looks to the future.

A different and conscious selection of materials is fundamental to this process; guaranteed supply chains, organic and natural products are the basis of a product that respects the environment and preserves its innate beauty.

green philosophy

The materials used for Clewoo footwear

The materials used for Clewoo footwear

Clewoo soles

High quality wood, obtained from forests which it undertakes to repopulate every year.

35% recycled rubber that maintains the characteristics of strength and flexibility unaltered even after its transformation.

Clewoo Laces
100% cotton yarn from a controlled supply chain.

Clewoo upper
Wool felt and a special selection of leathers: chrome free, vegetable tanned and a type of leather treated with a low environmental impact process that limits the waste of water.

Clewoo employs cutting-edge technologies combined with restored historic machinery.

The result