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Green philosophy

Go Green

We believe in “will is power”, therefore we commit ourselves to do our part to achieve concrete results.

Daily choices in the selection of materials and in their processing, to create a high quality artisan product that respects the environment.

Clewoo is actively involved in reforestation and every year it plants 10 thousand new trees on an area of two hectares of land. Planting a shrub is a fundamental operation to improve the climate, increase the presence of water and make our cities greener. We are grateful to the planet that hosts us and offers us innumerable raw materials, this gesture is our way of showing it love and respect.

A constant commitment

Clewoo produces its shoes in an ethical and ecological way, pledging to use sustainable raw materials and to reforest the territory.

The color of the future

Our philosophy looks to the future, towards a horizon of possible changes.

under your feet

Clewoo starts from the earth, a natural and constant element. The shoe is the means that puts man in contact with nature, it is the medium that accompanies the daily journey and makes it pleasant.

Step by step you have time to pay attention to details, to think about the path you want to take and reflect on what you intend to do.

In daily life used to running, it is now time to walk, not to miss anything, to give value to things done well, to choose quality and not quantity.

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High quality craftsmanship

Craftsmanship puts itself at the service of a sustainable future, to share a contemporary vision, in which progress aligns with man’s natural needs. The awareness of having reached a turning point is strong, seeking answers and wanting to express itself.

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A vision of the planet that hosts us, in which we can coexist with respect, developing new and positive ideas and energies.

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