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Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small file composed of letters and numbers that a website visited by the user sends to the user’s terminal (computer, mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet) where it is stored and then retransmitted to that website on a subsequent visit to the website.

Thanks to the use of cookies, the Website (the “Website”) is able to identify users accessing the Website in order to improve the browsing experience of the identified user. In order to prevent cookies from being stored on his terminal and browser, a user must disable them.

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Cookies are distinguished from each other, first of all, according to who installs them on the user’s terminal. Cookies can, in fact, be installed by the same operator of the website that the user is visiting (so-called “first-party cookies”) or by a different website, which installs cookies through the first website (so-called “third-party cookies”).

In particular, the Website uses:

Technical/functionality cookies. They can be either session cookies (e.g. cookies that are automatically deleted when a user closes the browser) or persistent cookies that are used to remember information used between two separate logins. These cookies are used solely to allow you to navigate or to provide a service you requested. They remember the information that you provide while browsing the pages of the Website. They include, for example, cookies that allow you to make a purchase, that allow authentication to restricted areas or that store the language and nationality you selected when visiting the Website. This allows us to customize you offer and remember your preferences, improving your experience within the Website.

Analytical/performance/statistical cookies. They allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors and to see how they move around our Website while using it. This helps us to improve the operation of our Website, for example, by ensuring that you easily find what you are looking for. The Website uses both our own analytical cookies and third-party analytical cookies that collect information that is appropriately anonymized through special tools used by the Website.

Marketing cookies — These cookies track your online activity to help advertisers deliver more relevant advertising or to limit how many times you see an ad. These cookies can share that information with other organizations or advertisers. These are persistent cookies and almost always of third-party provenance.

The data are collected only for the purposes and for the duration specified in the tables below and are processed with electronic methods.

As regards “technical” cookies please recall that the use of such cookies does not require prior user consent as these cookies are strictly necessary to allow for navigation within and the proper functioning of the Website. If technical cookies are removed through browser settings, all or some navigation on the Website may not be possible.

The first time you visit the website through the “view cookie preferences” section, you can manage cookies independently by accepting or inhibiting the use of the different types of cookies active on our site:
– Necessary cookies
– Performance cookies
– Marketing cookies

It is not possible to disable the cookies which are strictly necessary for the operation of the website.

During the visit or subsequent visits to the Website (provided that you have previously expressed a preference concerning the use of cookies, as specified above) you can always set your cookies preference opening the section “view cookie preferences” at the bottom of this document .

Regarding third-party cookies provided by Google Adsense, privacy policy statement and consent form is available at these web pages:

Regarding third-party cookies provided by Facebook, privacy policy statement and consent form is available at these web pages:

Alternatively and / or in addition, you can change the cookie settings in your browser. Your internet browser allows you to change your cookie settings. The browser cookies settings are generally accessible under “options”, “tools” or “preferences” which are part of the internet browser menu. You can also consult the “help”menu in the browser menu. Different browsers may have different mechanisms for disabling cookies.

We invite you to consult the links below for more details on how to manage your cookie settings:

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Falca, at its discretion and at any time, may change, modify, add or remove parts of the Cookie Policy. Please check this Cookie Policy periodically. The use of the Site following the publication of the changes to the Cookie Policy implies full acceptance of the changes.